Jae Hyun

New York, NY · jaewhyun@gmail.com

I am a first year graduate student in the NYU Courant Institute MSCS program, actively looking for a Summer 2018 internship in the Bay Area. I am interested in software development/engineering and big data.



Used public crime data (provided by the NYPD) to model and forecast crime rates in Manhattan using ARIMA time series modeling.

Created a Twitter Bot that generates Tweets in Pig Latin.

Created topic models with tf-idf for 142 unlabeled news articles using the Stanford CoreNLP library. With the resulting data, I implemented clustering and classification algorithms (K-means and KNN) from scratch.

An Android app that keeps an inventory of objects in a household to prevent unnecessary purchases.

[Programming Languages & Tools]


New York University

Master of Science
Computer Science
August 2017 - Present

Emory University

Bachelor of Arts
Biology and International Studies
August 2011 - May 2015


Honestly, I love to sleep (who doesn't though). But, caffeine is also my best friend! In my free time I like to stay active by hitting the gym, playing rugby/soccer, and eating my way through the city!

I love to cook and bake when the time allows it in my tiny-non ventilated NYC apartment and catch up on my tv-shows or watch the newest movie releases. I am terrified of bugs but I like to challenge myself to be a fun-out-door-loving person to go hiking and camping. Aside from that, I aspire to one day travel the world!